A certain looking glass
Looking Glass servers are a real-time source of routing and BGP related information for end users.
Available tools: host, mtr, ping, traceroute.

Looking Glasses run by fonira.at
Austria - Looking Glass within fonira (AS51184), Austria
Germany - Looking Glass within Strato (AS6724), Germany
USA - Looking Glass within 1&1/IONOS (AS8560), USA
If you have any questions please contact fonira: https://fonira.at/kontakt/impressum/

Network Information

Server Location: USA
IPv4 Address:
IPv6 Address: 2607:f1c0:1801:2d::1

Your IP Address:

Network Test Files

IPv4 Download Test >> 1000MB
IPv6 Download Test >> 1000MB

Network Tests

Disclaimer: Looking Glass is not to be used with ANY automated scripts. Ignoring this policy will result in being banned. All transactions are logged.